We are an import-export/e-commerce company specialized in the research and development of custom items and solutions, to meet the demand of the customer and the competitive price of the foreigners market.

We can offer our knowledge to find competitive price according to quality, logistics and timing.

Thank’s to our wide network of contacts and suppliers, we are able to develop suitable solutions to assault research merchandise sector; our power is the easy understanding at the requirement of the customer and the clear communication of the supplier’s goal, so we can minimize the timing needed to realize the final product. Our target is offer to the companies, an expedient business that reduce the delivery time of foreigners countries, deleting unnecessary bureaucracy.

We Are Buyers

we are expert

import-export business

Our staff offer the follow services: import/export consultant and research and development of items


B2B & B2C

research of Italians or foreigners suppliers and customers.


contacts and partnership oversea

Any international shipment, with specialized partners and custom practices consultant


logistics/warehouse solution

custom services as warehousing and tax warehousing

Drop Me a Line

Thank’s to our knowledge and strategy we are able to indicate at customer the right direction, suggesting saving opportunity: evaluating and reduce not only cost material but also production cost, logistic and custom tax.

We are great to select the right suppliers for your article, it can personalize the details or the technical properties and describe the necessity of the logistics, considering more partners and solutions to show at the customer more timing, different shipments, choices and cost scenary.